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  • 10 trends to address if you want to succeed in 2016

    2 May, 2016

    By Academie du Service UK

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    Thierry Spencer is the author of, one of the most famous French-speaking blogs about customer service.. displays over 650 articles and interviews of professionals and counts more than 600 000 global visits per year.

    Every year, Thierry provides customer relationship professionals and marketers with the latest trends, inspired by its observation, interviews and analysis of current research.  An ingenious way to point out the 10 most questions to address if you want to succeed with your customers.

    Telus international, a company that is a sponsor of the yearly conference presenting Thierry Spencer’s trends, provides the document in English. Read the full article here (link to

    Thierry Spencer is an Associate Director of Academie du Service and one of the shareholders of Academie du Service UK.

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