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  • What if ‘Good service on all lines’ was part of our everyday work?

    6 October, 2016

    By Academie du Service UK

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    good-service-on-all-linesAt Academie du Service, We have always had this strong feeling that Service Culture was universal. From 2004 to 2011 Academie du Service was a subsidiary of the Accor Group, the number three hospitality group worldwide. So I have to admit that our service roots were global from the beginning.

    Having said that, not one of us would disagree that Service Culture has to be customised to better fit to a market, country, or company.

    As experts in service marketing, management and customer relations, we wanted to confirm this attitude through research. Having decided to open Academie du Service in London last Spring, we have focused our research on digging into the British market to discover whether (1) Service Culture fundamentals are to be found in UK companies; and (2) how they are embodied to be tangible for customers.

    UK can be proud of a good level of customer service overall, compared to other European countries (83% of customer satisfaction compared to 78% in France). This can be attributed to the educational system here, the influence of US companies, and also the advanced digital economy that facilitates customers’ lives. For the rest, we found out that yes, the surveys we did, and the case studies we wrote, show us that UK companies use the universal fundamentals to succeed in customer service:

    • Focus is on the human being, not just the product
    • 100% customer satisfaction is more important than zero mistakes
    • Service relationships are based on making both customer and employee feel valued
    • The same attention is paid to customers and employees
    • Autonomy and initiative are emphasized through employee empowerment

    So, let’s get inspired by those findings and examples that will be posted every week or download the full white book here.

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